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Jessica Warne - Beyond the Bump

Months, years and even decades into motherhood, women can be overwhelmed by the feeling that they cannot recognise themselves. Women feeling lost.
Maybe you are struggling to make the decision to return back to work or not?
Perhaps becoming a mother has led you to want to pursue an alternative career and you aren’t sure how to implement the change?
Maybe you are being provided an unending amount of “advice” by well meaning friends and family and struggling to find your own path as a parent?
Maybe you are exhausted and overwhelmed by the lack of control, sleep deprivation and responsibility you now face?
Or maybe you have lost your sense of self and looking to rediscover who you are “beyond the bump”?
We can work together to help identify the problems, challenge them and get your life back on track once more.
I am currently taking on new clients, we can meet in person, alternatively I can provide sessions via Skype and on the phone.
Get in touch today to receive your free session, we can explore your current situation and see how working together will enable you to move forward.
Lets work together to create a life you love

Jodi Mischon

I am a personal development coach who enables women to begin living a fulfilled, balanced and well-rounded life that encompasses who they are and who they want to be.

Although I work with women in all areas of their lives, I specialise in those who have had children and feel stuck, demotivated or unsure of what they want to do next. Whether you are working, would like to return to work, want healthier relationships or are just wanting to explore your options, my goal is to help you understand what you want and how to get it. I help my clients discover what can lead them to a fulfilled life, reaching beyond the limits of their current surroundings. 07958 321458

Holistic Journeys

I support women on their journeys of growth towards living more authentic, healthy, fulfilling and meaningful lives through:

  • Transformational Life Coaching

  • Women's One-Day Vision Board Retreat

  • Women's Circles (weekly small group gatherings)


What is working in your life? …. and what isn’t?

Whether big or small, we all have areas and situations in our lives that we’d like to improve.  Sometimes small things need a shift that can make a big difference.  Or you might be looking to completely re-examine your life and make major changes to live more authentically and find real happiness.

Whatever your situation, often it’s simply a matter of creating the time and space to go within to find your authentic values and priorities, think outside the box to explore your resources and options, gain clarity on what’s been stopping you, and the path to a solution becomes clear.  I believe that we all have great wisdom within us and are capable of finding our own answers when we give ourselves the right conditions to do so.

As mothers we often neglect our own self-care in the process of caring for our families.  But the irony is we must care for ourselves and put our own oxygen masks on first in order to give our best selves to our families, our work, and the world.  Life coaching, retreats, and women's circles are powerfully transformative spaces which allow you to get in touch with your own inner wisdom, move past the obstacles that have been slowing you down, and take empowered steps to create the meaningful and fulfilling life you really want. 

Your life is not meant to be mediocre. It’s in your power to thrive and to make your life what you really want it to be.  I’m here to walk with you on your path to your best life.


For Life Coaching

I am a woman who really wants to squeeze the best out of life, and I coach people to become determined, courageous, balanced and healthy.

I will reflect, question, challenge, stretch, encourage and support YOU to bring about great, positive and long – lasting changes in your life.

With regular coaching sessions for as long as you need it, coaching will enable you to:

  • Get rid of old, unhelpful beliefs and patterns of behaviour (those little roadblocks we all place in our path without realising)

  • Create new, supportive beliefs – as well as positive and HELPFUL daily habits;

  • Use your ‘voice’, to be heard and to become more assertive;

  • Determining and managing your priorities (recognising that priorities can change over time);

  • Start racking up some personal accomplishments that you’ve never believed you could;

  • Bring joy and happiness back into your life, with a solid sense of self and purpose;

But really, above all, through coaching I can guarantee you will GET MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE. Whatever it is you want, I will help you get it - in a secure, encouraging and motivating environment. 07850912154

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Live Authentic Coaching

Live Authentic Life Coaching Hampstead Mums

I'm Nima. I'm a Qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. I graduated from one of the top coaching schools in the world - The Coaches Training Institute (CTI). I am a licensed NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner who trained directly under Dr. Richard Bandler and an accredited member of the Society of NLP. I also work as a mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation and train women entrepreneurs in developing countries. My mission is to empower women through coaching. Coaching is about you as the whole person: your values, goals, balance, fulfillment, and life purpose. I work with highly motivated women to develop their own definition of success: with people who want to be free from their limitations, their fears, and any other obstacles to building the life they want. So if you are a mum, mumpreneur, working woman or homemaker interested in being nurtured, inspired and pushed to your edge, to discover and create the relationships, career, lifestyle, finances, health you are longing for, please reach out to me for a taster of what great coaching does to foster the clarity, mindset, qualities and skills that will allow you to breakthrough. +44 7948980664


breathing heart hampstead mums theta healer

Breathing Heart Coaching

Tired of feeling drained, stuck, hurt? Book your session. I am a Coach, Certified Matchmaker & Theta Healer. Skype & Face to Face Consultations 🇬🇧🇮🇹🌍