North London Private tutor and 'Speak to an ex-student' Schools Consultancy

I am a north London tutor and the founder of 'Speak to an ex-student' Schools Consultancy

I have over 400 hours of tutoring experience for: 7+ 11+ 13+ exams ( with students being accepted into schools such as UCS, Highgate, St Pauls, Westminister, North London Collegiate, South Hampstead High Schools, Mill Hill, Wetherby etc)
GCSE Science
A-level Biology
A-level Chemistry

'Speak to an ex-student' Schools Consultancy is the very first of its kind. Picking the right school for your child is a difficult process. Questions such as 'Will my child's character and personality fit in well with the school?' to 'will they like the school's lunches?' fill one's head. It's difficult to know where to find out the answer to all of these questions: whether big or small. Currently, there's only one way. And that isn't through an Education Consultant. Instead, head to my website to book a one-hour online session with an alumnus of the very school you are considering. My team of consultants will be able to tell you absolutely everything there is to know about the school: whether it be about daily life at the school or something as specific as finding out where the squeakiest floorboard is, you'll finish the session knowing every subtle aspect of the institution you are considering for your child. 07438007435