BIRTH CLUBS ARE CURRENTLY SUSPENDED - We are researching a better way to create secure birth clubs. In the meantime, please join the facebook group and meet people that way.


We help organise birth clubs for local mums so they can connect with other parents with kids of the same age. This is the biggest selling point of antenatal classes like NCT, but many people don't do it for a variety of reasons. I know I found my NCT and antenatal yoga group really really important, especially in the first years, and many of them have become really good friends of mine. The birth clubs are a place for you to chat about the joys and challenges of raising your little one, as well as organizing meet-ups/playdates. The groups are restricted to parents only (i.e. no nannies).

Please fill in the form below to be included in a birth club. We currently support birth clubs from 2013 to present.  Please only fill in the form if you are:

  1. Happy to be in a whatsapp chat with many participants (which means a lot of mum chat and not just playdate chat)
  2. You have a smartphone with whatsapp installed

If you are currently pregnant and want to find other bumps, and your due date is not listed, please select "N/A" for the age of your child and put your due date in the message field.

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