Hampstead Schools and nurseries

The school system can be a daunting one to master in this area, especially if you want to go private. I thought the least I could do is offer a list of schools and nurseries which you can choose to send your child (or children) to.

From my own (albeit limited) experience, if you apply to a nursery school, expect to spend £50-100 per registration - for many schools, you have to register before you are even shown around the school. Don't be alarmed by people saying you have to apply when pregnant - I applied before my daughter was 1 and was offered a few places to begin when she becomes 3. Hampstead also has a fairly transient population as parents move around a lot for work reasons, so there are often spots that open up.


North London Forest School Nursery. Open from 8.30 to 4pm. NW3 2JP. The pick up and drop off point is at All Hallows' Church - Savernake Road. They depart in the morning and conduct Forest School activities and learning in the local outdoor environment. They will be out in all weather apart from when its stormy and there are gale force winds. The concept of a Forest School was developed in Denmark. To read more about this, please go to their website here. 07900 830 897

Nature Explorers ChildcareNature Explorers is a Childcare provision in Hampstead, allowing children to be active in nature and play outside.



Hampstead Activity Nursery. Open from 8-6pm. 1 to 5 years. NW3 1AB. This is located within Christ Church - I thought the rooms were quite small, but they do have outdoor space. 020 7435 0054

Maria Montessori Nursery. Open from 8.45 to 3.30pm. 2 year 6 months to 6 years. NW3 5NW. 020 7435 3646

Oliver's Montessori Nursery. Open from 9-3pm. 2 year 6 months to 5 years. NW3 4HN. 020 7435 5898

Casa de Bambini Montessori School (Formerly known as Lymington Montessori School). Open from 8.55-3.15pm. 2 year 6 months to 6 years. NW6 1XP. 07788 101069
AMI accredited school, open since 2010. Lymington Montessori occupies a space in the LRRA Hall in Dresden Close, a stones throw from Finchley and Frognal overground station

Active Learning - JW3 centre. Open from 7.30-6.30pm. 3 months to 5 years. NW3 6ET. This is a really lovely bright space for children on a lateral space, with a small outdoor area (on the balcony). They also have a webcam system whereby parents can log in and see whats happening at the nursery when their child is there. 020 3053 1127. 

Puss in Boots Nursery School. Open from 9-3.30pm. 2 to 5 years. NW3 2NT. 0207 2672181

Active Learning - West Hampstead. Open from 7.30-6.30pm. 3 months to 5 years. NW6 3RU. It is in a huge Victorian villa, with a large garden at the back. They have a webcam system whereby parents can log in and see whats happening at the nursery when their child is there. 020 3031 9097. 

Kerens Nursery. Open from 8-6pm. 18 months to 5 years. NW3 4HX. These hours represent the extreme and a basic pre-school day begins at 09:00am until 03:00pm Monday-Thursday and 09:00am until 02:00pm on Friday.



Lithos Pre-SchoolOpen from 9.30-1.25pm. 2 to 5 year olds. NW3 6EF. 020 7431 6180.

Swiss Cottage Pre-School. Open from 10-12.30pm. 3 to 5 year olds. NW3 3NR. 0207 916 7090

Ready Steady Go. Open from 9-2pm. 2 to 6 year olds. (Depending on venue). Primrose Hill has 2 branches (King Henry Road & PH Community Centre). 020 7586 5862

Three Acres Pre-School. Open from 9.30-12.30pm. 3 to 5 year olds. NW3 2YH. 020 7722 3812



Devonshire House Preparatory School (Mixed, Independent)69 Fitzjohn’s Avenue NW3 6PD
3 to 13 year olds. 020 7435 1916. £100 registration fee

Fitzjohn’s Primary School (Mixed, Community)86A Fitzjohn’s Avenue NW3 6NP
3 1/2 to 11 years old. 020 7435 9797. 

Fleet Primary School (Mixed, Community). Fleet Road NW3 2QT
3 to 11 years old. 020 7485 2028

Hall School (Boys, Independent). 23 Crossfield Road NW3 4NU
4 to 13 years old. 020 7722 1700

Hampstead Hill School (Mixed, Independent)Pond Street NW3 2PP
2 to 9 years old. 020 7435 6262

Hampstead Parochial Primary School (Mixed, Pay what you can, C of E)Holly Bush Vale NW3 6TX
4 to 11 years old. 020 7435 4135

Heathside Preparatory School (Mixed, Independent)16 New End NW3 1JA
3 to 11 years old. 020 7794 5857

Hereward House School (Boys, Independent)14 Strathray Gardens NW3 4NY
4 to 13 years old. 020 7794 4820

Holy Trinity Primary School (Church of England)
Trinity Walk, Maresfield Gardens NW3 5SQ
Telephone: 020 7435 9089

Lyndhurst House Preparatory School (Boys, Independent)
24 Lyndhurst Gdns NW3 5NW
Telephone: 020 7435 4936

Maria Montessori School (Mixed, Independent)
26 Lyndhurst Gardens NW3 5NW
Telephone: 020 7435 3646

New End Primary School (Mixed, Community)
Streatley Place NW3 1HU
Telephone: 020 7431 0961

North Bridge House School (Mixed, Independent)
33 Fitzjohn’s Avenue NW3 5JY
Telephone: 020 7435 9641

Phoenix School (Mixed, Independent)
36 College Crescent NW3 5LF
Telephone: 020 7722 4433

Royal Free Hospital Children’s School (Mixed, Special Community)
Floor 6 - 6 West B, Pond Street NW3 2QG
Telephone: 020 7472 6298

Royal School (Girls, Independent)
65 Rosslyn Hill NW3 5UD
Telephone: 020 7794 7708

Saint Pauls Primary School (Church of England)
Elsworthy Road NW3 3DS
Telephone: 020 7722 7381

Sarum Hall School
15 Eton Avenue NW3 3EL
Telephone: 020 7794 2261

South Hampstead Junior School (Girls, Independent)
5 Netherhall Gardens NW3 5RN
Telephone: 020 7794 7198

Southbank International Preparatory School (Mixed, Independent)
16 Netherhall Gardens NW3 5TH
Telephone: 020 7431 1200

St Anthony’s Preparatory School (Boys, Independent)
90, Fitzjohn’s Avenue NW3 6NP
Telephone: 020 7435 3597

St Christopher’s School (Girls, Independent)
32 Belsize Lane NW3 5AE
Telephone: 020 7435 1521

St Luke’s Church of England School
12 Kidderpore Avenue NW3 7SU
Telephone: 020 7435 5604

St Margaret’s School (Girls, Independent)
18 Kidderpore Gardens NW3 7SR
Telephone: 020 7435 2439

St Mary’s School (Mixed, Independent)
47 Fitzjohn’s Avenue NW3 6PG
Telephone: 020 7435 1868

The Academy School (Mixed, Independent)
2 Pilgrims Place NW3 1NG
Telephone: 020 7435 6621

The Rosary RC Primary School (Mixed, Voluntary Aided)
238 Haverstock Hill NW3 2AE
Telephone: 020 7794 6292

The Village School
2 Parkhill Road NW3 2YN
Telephone: 020 7485 4673

Trevor-Roberts School
55-57 Eton Avenue NW3 3ET
Telephone: 020 7586 1444

University College School (Junior Branch) (Boys, Independent)
11 Holly Hill NW3 6QN
Telephone: 020 7435 3068


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Rajni has a great deal of resources on education and I think it's best for me to direct you that way rather than try and cover an area that I have fairly limited knowledge.

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Please note this list is in no way extensive; I will keep adding to it as I find time. July 15