Parenting Advice

Nurturing Mums is a 5 week postnatal course in Hampstead. Perfect for mums with babies 0-9m, this course offers non-judgemental, practical advice from experts on: sleep & routines, weaning, first aid & baby development.  Chat, learn & relax with Nurturing Mums Hampstead.

The Neo Practice. "...our most commonly used services are baby sleep, toddler sleep, toddler/child behaviour, weaning, nutrition, fussy eating and potty training but our experts will help with practically any non-medical issue for under 5s - and if it is medical, we can usually explain the options for who to see."

Be Ready to ParentProvides courses to help provide realistic expectations of pregnancy, birth and parenting. It was started by a professional paediatrician and mother of three under three. Courses are run in Finchley N3