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By Invitation Only conceptshopping is London's best kept secret... and purposefully so in order to keep it exclusive and retain it's very special, unique and secure ambiance. Long established, but kept under the radar, It has become the preferred way of shopping for numerous discerning and savvy women. Women just like you. Our pleasant and airy studio in leafy NW3 houses an ever-changing melange of 3000 Designer items.

Sourced only from a private group of discriminating women who shop the world and regularly change their wardrobes, most are totally unworn, or just 'very gently worn' and immaculate.

Designers include Max Mara, Missoni, Miyake, Jill Sander, Etro, Lauren, Gucci , Prada, Pucci, etc. etc.and other lesser-known labels of comparable quality too. An incredibly wide choice (UK size 8 to 20) to suit all shapes, tastes, preferences and lifestyles for work, leisure, after six and special occasions.

Whether … you’re time poor * hate shopping for yourself * love quality - but not silly prices * are a shape - not a size * have lost yourself somewhere along the way* know there must be a better and more satisfying alternative to the high st. or online shopping * like ‘different’ - but wearable... …

Conceptshopping offers you an ideal solution. Whilst it's on your very own doorstep, many of our customers travel from far and wide .... and for good reason. Conceptshopping is indeed a concept … And a highly successful one Affordable. Enjoyable. Time-efficient... and always Productive. Truly. Always. Numerous testimonials available. Do call us for a chat and to learn more. By appointment only - daytimes, evenings and Saturdays. 020 7586 7925 or email

0207 586 7925

Little Hands Design

Little Hands Design CIC is a non-profit making Community Interest Company based in Belsize Park. We are a design mad team running a small fashion design and dressmaking school in NW3 since 2001. We run classes for children, teenagers and ADULTS from very young (6+yrs) to very wise (no limit!) teaching dressmaking, fashion, crafts and all things textiles. We are a group of fashion designers, dressmakers and a Design and Technology teacher.

Kids and teenagers come to us just for fun, after school, Saturdays and holidays; to get support for their GCSE and A-level Art, Design and Textiles, to prepare for a creative career or to work towards their Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Adult students are looking for a relaxing hobby, some personal me- and social-time. Schools are impressed by our experimental approach and come to us for our inter-curricular projects from 'Historic Costume Making' to ‘Monster and Fairy’; ‘Science for Fashion’; 'Recycling' etc..

We also run a bursary scheme for disadvantaged kids and adults and to support our work with refugees in collaboration with the Helen Bamber Foundation. We support teenagers who want to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Skills and then Volunteering Awards with us. 0207 4310573

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Vibgyor - Artworks

I have been painting for as long as I remember, of course the “medium” changed with age. Water colour fascinated me as a child, now its Oil on Canvas which takes a precedence. Having grown up in Calcutta (now Kolkata), India all my life- the city, its art and culture must have had a profound effect. One of my earliest creations of Oil on Canvas was of a lazy afternoon street scene in Calcutta. The crows perched on the electric wire could be an influence of following too many RK Laxman (a national daily cartoonist) cartoons in the English dailies. This painting remains as one of my favourites.

I have done private study in Painting (Oil and Water colour) for 14 years. One of my earliest recollections of learning art from my teacher (Mr Debashish Ghosh, trained at the Government College of Art and Craft, Calcutta, India was how to draw a perfect hut with a tree perched behind it-a perfect village scenery; I think I can now draw it with closed eyes. It was also the first time I learnt that painting green fields is like painting a patchwork of shades of yellow and green. It was a great journey since then and I now realise my one-time one-dimensional and monotonic painting has over the years evolved into art.

My style is myriad, I draw on personal and collective memories and like to create stories through my pictures. Sometimes they are also closely linked to ancient Indian tales, a typical street scene or of times gone by. But they all carry hope - of bright futures, happiness and cheer.Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.


Suzie Edwards Portrait Sculptor

Suzie Edwards Portrait Sculptor Hampstead Mums

Portrait sculptor offering expressive portraits by commission. Although we all possess two eyes, two ears, one mouth etc., I am endlessly fascinated by the differences that make us unique and find this exciting as well as challenging. The time I spend with my sitter is important as I like to get to know them. For me, portrait sculpture is not just about creating a credible facsimile, but also capturing a look or expression that gives a subtle insight into someone's character. I work loosely with clay in order to keep a feeling of energy and life in my work. Please contact me or take a look at the website for more details. 020 7435 5303