Baby Massage

Golden Hands Baby Massage

Debbie Gladwell is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) who has been teaching baby massage in North West London for over 5 years, proudly being the first baby massage IAIM Instructor to deliver classes in West Hampstead.

To date, Debbie Gladwell is still the only instructor solely specialising and delivering baby massage in West Hampstead.

Debbie knows first hand the benefits of baby massage through her own child who was diagnosed with Silent Reflux at 4 weeks of age, and this is something she aims to pass on to parents she teaches. Today, Debbie's daughter is a very happy, content child who still enjoys massage.

Debbie has lived and worked in North West London for over 16 years; setting up and running a successful NCT Bumps & Baby group (Mummy & Me 2013-2014) and volunteering at a local baby and toddler group (Emmanuel Church, West Hampstead, September-December 2014). Debbie is also proud to be the only person in West Hampstead who delivers solely baby massage classes in West Hampstead and the surrounding areas for Mums and babies, Dads and babies and couples. Golden Hands Baby Massage was also the first to deliver Dads only classes in West Hampstead.

In 2014, Debbie began teaching parents and babies from her own home, and then also in 2015 delivering fully booked classes in the centre of West Hampstead at Emmanuel Church. In February, March, April and May 2016 Debbie began providing classes at another venue for a maximum of six parents (with babies). Classes were fully booked.

In November 2017, Debbie resumed delivering classes at Emmanuel Church as part of the Kube Family Club, West Hampstead.

Mum and baby group classes are delivered in the heart of West Hampstead at the Kube Family Club, Emmanuel Church for a maximum of ten Mums (with babies). The venue has excellent transport links: bus, rail, tube and overground.

Debbie also offers home visits and smaller group classes for six Mums / parents and babies at another venue in North West London. Oils and handouts are included in the price of the sessions.


Infant massage can help:

  • Strengthen baby-parent communication

  • Boost self esteem and confidence in parenting

  • Relax parent and baby

  • Encourage a deeper sleep for baby

  • Relieve wind, colic and constipation

  • Develop muscle tone and co-ordination

The course is suitable for babies from birth to 12 months (Debbie has experience in teaching babies who are crawling and sitting).


Mum and Baby Group sessions consist of:

  • Four classes over 4-weeks up to 45 minutes long

  • A full body massage routine and a short routine to help with colic

  • Detailed handouts to take home with you

  • Time for questions and a chance to share experiences

  • Oils included in course price

Dads group sessions - 4 sessions over 4-weeks up to 45 minutes long

One to one and couples sessions - 4 sessions over 4 weeks up to 45 minutes long.

Please ask for availabilities. Full details of the course and what you need to bring etc, will be sent to you once you have booked your place.

HOW TO BOOK To book your place or to confirm availability please email Debbie at or for further information call 07878259697.


Baby Yoga, Antenatal Yoga and Baby Massage, yoga for active crawlers:

Baby Yoga courses run throughout the year at the Royal Free Recreation Club on Fleet Road, NW3. This course is suited to babies from 3 months to active crawling and includes baby signing. Antenatal yoga classes run for women anytime after 15 weeks into their pregnancy and baby massage is taught in parent's homes, sessions run every 6 weeks throughout the year. 0208 883 3234