Alternative Therapies


Balanced Life Creator

Mobile reiki practitioner offering reiki and distant reiki sessions. 1 hour reiki session is £55. 07716258970


Note from Diana von R (founder of Hampstead Mums). Monika (founder of Balanced Life Creator) is a real asset to the local community. She volunteered at the Hampstead Mums spring fayre (all proceeds to local charity, Cocoon Family Support), offered free Reiki sessions to CFS users and is an all-round great person.



The Practice at 322 (Osteopathy)

At the Practice at 322, our team of specialist Osteopaths relieves pain, strains and stiffness in the body. We treat sports injuries, chronic pain and arthritis, pre- and post-natal women, babies and repetitive and accidental injuries using structural and cranial techniques. We are experts in treating low back pain, neck pain and sciatica. We also offer sports massage and pregnancy massage. For more information please visit our website. For all enquiries and to book an appointment, call us on 020 7018 0770 or email us.  The Practice is open from Monday to Saturday from 9am.


BeHeld Bodywork

BeHeld Bodywork @beheldbodywork Elizabeth Large BSc MICHT BWY My passion is the transformative power of connection, I offer deep presence combined with therapeutic touch through massage,yoga and bodywork to facilitate awareness and self healing. I practise Reiki III and crystal healing. I am available one on one or for small groups in the NW3 area. 07780191006


Natural Health Chiropractic

Natural Health Chiropractic has been serving Hampstead and its surrounding areas since 2008. We have a Chiropractor, an Osteopath and a Massage Therapist all of whom bring a wealth of knowledge and experience and share the same common goal of improving the Health and Wellbeing of everyone they see. We care for everyone from new-borns to great-great-grandparents. Our office is open Monday to Saturday and we are available to do group talks on a number of topics that include, making sure your child is being supported properly by their spine, headaches, the causes and solutions to low back pain, and the role posture plays with your health, to name a few. For an appointment and more information please visit our website or contact us on 020 7431 4882. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook! 020 7431 4882

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Mindfulness Classes and Coaching

Minding Emotions

MINDING EMOTIONS is based on educational training programs. This Program integrates the wisdom of the traditions of western psychology and eastern contemplative practices with intention of providing secular practices that can help anyone achieve greater emotional balance Learning how to meaningfully attend to our emotional experiences of oneself and others leads to constructive interpersonal comunication.

The Program will develop universal values, a healthier society, more responsible and compassionate. Minding Emotions teaches its core program Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) a mindfulness program specifically designed to bring awareness to our emotional states. We also teach Mindfulness for Stress, Mindfulness for Self-compassion for Adults, Adolescents (teens) and children. 1-1 coaching also available.

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