So you're pregnant. Congratulations! I've listed some bits you might find useful. I'm trying to keep the info relevent to the local area, as there are so many other websites out there for generic baby/pregnancy advice.

Baby Change Facilities - Most chain cafes and restaurants are fantastic with baby change facilities. When the weather is nice, I just pop into a park and do it (away from people eating, don't want to put them off their food). I have a list of baby/kid friendly restaurants here.

Baby Food - If you're weaning your little one and need some last minute Ella's Pouches, they stock them in the following shops (apart from supermarkets): Boots, Hampstead Butchers & Pomona. I would LOVE for a local cafe to serve fresh baby puree (it's so simple and high margin. C'mon!)

Baby Shops - Hampstead has Baby gap, La Coqueta & Cubs Shoes, Maison Auguste, & Happy Returns Toy shop. West Hampstead has Jojo Maman Bebe. Swiss Cottage has Huggle (they have mini cafe and room for classes at the back).  Click & Collect for M&S very handy (South End Green & Swiss Cottage). There are also a few great e-shops run by local mums, check out the Hampstead Business Mums page for more info.

Buggy/Pram - Remember Hampstead is really hilly, so I would recommend a light choice! I had a Stokke Crusi and ditched it for yoyo zen once daughter turned one. Also not great for public transport/narrow streets around Hampstead. Huggles (Swiss Cottage) tends to have the cool new baby gadgets in, but you can also go to Brent Cross/Westfield etc to try out buggies).

Bus - You'll probably ditch the underground for first year or so as you don't want to deal with the stairs (I did anyway, as did most of my friends). If you get a slimline one you can fit two buggies in. I received many death stares as I blocked up the whole area with my 4x4 buggy, and wouldn't recommend that for anyone. Remember wheelchairs get priority, if you can you should fold up buggy and let the wheelchair on. 

Children's Centres - these are run by Camden Council, and provide lots of free services (emotional support, feeding baby, speech and language therapy, breastfeeding etc)

Doula - You may want to get in touch with a doula to help you during labour. In the olden days, there would be a wise lady in the village who would help with labour; that's essentially what a doula is (in my eyes). I had one for my first, and she was absolutely amazing. The lower back massages she gave me were amazing and I went through labour with just her back massages and TENS machine. 

Hospitals - The main ones people go to are Royal Free, UCS & Whittington. They run tours, so you can see if that's the place you want to deliver your baby or not. I personally would go for the closest hospital to you, as you don't really want to be in a car for a long period of time whilst in labour.

Maternity Bra - As far as I know, nowhere sells maternity bras in the local area! We schlepped it to Brent Cross on Boxing day when my milk came in (the trauma!)

Maternity Photography - Some photographers will do a maternity package for a maternity/newborn/older shoot which I think is adorable. I would also hit up pinterest and look at shoots you like, and then look at the photographer's gallery to see if that's the style you want. 

NCT Antenatal Classes - These are a fantastic way of meeting local mums and dads. I met a couple that lived on the same street as me, and I'd never met them before! Our babies were born just one day apart, so we saw a lot of each other. Highly recommended! I would say that the NCT classes seem to push natural childbirth and breastfeeding a lot. Whilst that's fine for some people, it's not fine for others, so don't let it put any pressure on you.

Newborn Photography - The best time to do this is the first fourteen days, so book the session in advance (they tend to be reasonably flexible because most people don't know exactly when baby will arrive). 

Night Nanny - I only found out what these lovely ladies were through word of mouth, and I wish I had found out earlier. Esssentially they just come at night, from 7pm-7am say, and would help put your baby to sleep, feed them etc when they wake up. I used a night nanny a couple of times and really helped my sanity.

Pregnancy Classes - It's a good idea to keep moving and not turn into a couch potato (like I did). I did manage to go to Jay's Yoga Babies class - my most class mum friends are actually from there. We didn't talk much during the class, but swapped emails and really bonded in the first year. We still meet up now.

Restaurants - See this page

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