Papercutting: Maths art


I mentioned in my first blog that I had my maths and then art side. Well, for my first "design", I wanted to do something with limited or no curved lines. I remember doing this in maths class in high school - I can't actually remember what we were trying to learn. But I do remember the beautiful curved lines we achieved with a bunch of straight lines. So here we have it.

I drew out a square, dotted the sides at 1cm interval and I joined the lines.

x(1-x) sequence, where (x<1)

It wasn't very accurate as the width of the lines was based off my daughter's crayola pens... but you have to use what's available to you

Paper Cutting Maths Art

I'm fairly pleased with this cut. It took ages to get the little bits out, but I think when I've got more experience I'll make the lines finer. Can also work at layering with 2 different coloured paper.