Papercutting & Acrylic: Brighton

Acrylic & Papercut

I took this photo this Summer, and it has stuck in my mind. It's the lighting perhaps, the composition. It makes me want to look at it over and over, and brings me back to the glorious day we took a big family trip to Brighton (by big, I mean biiiig. It was a reunion with people traveling over from Netherlands, Hong Kong and Edinburgh).

Hampstead Mums Brighton Photography Grandparent Grandchild

So when I bought my canvas blocks, I knew I had to try and recreate this. I thought the patterns of the characters detracted from the composition, so I decided to just use a silhouette.

So now I look at the pictures, the pier is waaay bigger in my version. That was due to my paintbrush being too big; mental note - find a smaller one for more delicate pieces. 

Then I had to make sure the photo was the same height as the canvas. Then print it out. Note how rubbish the printer/ink is, but I only need the outline so that's ok. 

print out of the photo

I cut it out with my craft knife, then blu-tacked it onto another piece of white paper. & cut it out.

papercutting hampstead mums art

So here's the final piece. It's still stuck on with blu tac - my daughter enjoys puttng it back on again (and slowly destroying it) every time it falls off. But hey, thats part of the fun or mum art, right?

hampstead mums brighton canvas acrylic finished

Just as a side note, the grey star cashmere cardigan is from BubbleChops, which is run by a Local Hampstead Mum.