Papercutting: Botched Christmas Tree


Ahh, this was so well intentioned. I wanted to do a Christmas tree and use the negative space. I had originally drawn the Christmas tree with straight sides, but felt sudden inspiration and gave it the jagged edge. I don't like how the jagged edge looks...

The star on the top is wonky

I searched through google images to try and find some kind of Christmas bunting. I thought maybe Christmas lights at first, but couldn't find a design that was interesting yet feasible to draw. Thus I went with the holly. I don't think the holly looks right though, perhaps they are too evenly spaced out which is not realistic? 

In any case, this is one that needs to be revisited and redesigned. I thought I'd put the good, the bad the ugly on this though. This piece did take numerous minutes of my life!

botched papercut