Acrylic: Blue Dress in Angkor Wat

This is the second painting I did during the glorious evening with the 5.30pm bedtime

It's my first time working with acrylic on canvas. It's all quite new. I had read that it dried quickly, but I didn't really expect it to be quite that quick. There are some sharp lines in the picture I now regret putting in, but it was hard to keep adjusting the greys.

I had mixed the grey with white and a dash of black. Sometimes with a spot of yellow, and even a dash of green as I heard its easier to make it darker with a complementary colour. Still, it was a struggle, and when I wanted to touch up afterwards it was really tough to get the same shade.

blue dress angkor wat hampstead mums

I can't quite believe how long it took me to complete this piece. Maybe 2 hours? Its so small, about 18-20cm square. I really wish to rework the hair and face... and the pillars in the back.

This piece was worked off a photo I took earlier this year when I went to Angkor Wat with m friend. I know the picture doesn't do it justice. The photo is really vivid, with teh jump in colour against the grey background. It was actually quite fun during the trip to think about outfit choices. Normally I go for typical holiday gear, but this time it was almost a fashion exhibition. Really needed colours that pop - black, white and grey would get swallowed up in temple pics (and we visited a LOT of temples).

Source:  Form 42

Source: Form 42

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