Acrylic: Christmas Penguin

During a glorious evening where my daughter fell asleep at 5.30pm (yes, 5.30! I thought it was a late nap, but she just kept sleeping. Luckily we had a Middle Eastern mezze late lunch so she was pretty stuffed)..  I managed not one, but two paintings!

Furthermore, I'm actually quite chuffed at how they'd turned out. 

I've never used acrylic paint before btw. I had to do a quick google to learn how it was different, and there were some basic instructions in the set I bought. 

As it was my first attempt at acrylic, I wanted to keep colour to a minimum. This automatically led me to think of my two favourite animals: pandas and penguins. I had a flick through google images to get some inspiration, and found an adorable penguin chick picture. I can't paint from my head yet, guess that will take time...

christmas penguin DvR Hampstead Mums acrylic

I was quite shocked by how little paint is actually required. The greys were watered down heavily with water. I did the white and black parts first as I wanted to minimise the waste in paint.