My art journey

My LO is going through a fab phase at the moment. She sits down for 30-90 minutes, and we can draw/paint/stick/play with playdough. I'm a believer of aiding only when required, so I don't hover over her and look at every brush stroke. I don't correct her when she colours over the lines (although she is oddly neat).

I sit next to her and doodle. As I doodled more, I realised....

hey, this art business ain't all bad

You see, when I was 17 I made the choice to drop my dreams of being a fashion designer, and went down the maths/economics route. It was the most rational decision, better career prospects and I was better at maths/economics than textiles. But it felt at that point that I let my creative side down. I had always been into arty things and drawing (but ask me anything about famous art pieces, and I've have no idea). I met my primary school teacher when I was in my early 20s, and she asked whether I was a cartoonist. She said that's all I talked about (barely remember that, I was a finance analyst at that point)

So, I decided. If my LO is sitting beside me and drawing for such long stretches of time, why can't I join in. I started posting things on facebook, and I was urged to start a blog. Sure, it may be because they don't want me clogging up their news feed, but I will try and take it as a positive ;)

penguin love family hampstead mums

First bit I would even consider "art". Very rough and based off a penguin metal print I have at home.