Donations for Nearly New Sale

Hampstead Mums Spring Fayre - 23rd April 2016

We are looking for New or As New Children's products for the Spring Fayre. We will be running a small Nearly New Sale. All proceeds will go to Cocoon Family Support.

Please bring any suitable items to Hampstead Antiques and Craft Emporium (12 Heath street, kind of opposite Hamptons estate agents). You will need to find my stall there, it is unit 23 - JAM). I am going to leave a box there which can be filled with things in my absence. The Emporium is open 10.30-5.30 Tuesday to Friday, 10-6pm Sat and 11-5.30pm on Sunday. Please bring things in plastic bags and if you are ok with it, leave your name on the bag so we know who made the donation. We are after: new (or nearly new) kids shoes, toys, books, parenting books, accessories, battery operated items if they are in full working order, though we ask you to please test the latter to ensure they do work (if the batteries had run out). We can not accept any electrical items. Anything bulkier than what you can carry in one hand (think doll house) we will try collect separately, please email for these kind of items. And thank you in advance for any donations! - Julia V

Please email us if you are interested on

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