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The online marketplace bringing a global window to a local Italian lifestyle from a Hampstead home

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The word ‘Vivendo’ to an Italian native translates to ‘Living’, but for Alessandro Celli and his team, the mission is to create a brand recognisable to all – and from gorgeous Hampstead surroundings., a new online marketplace for designer furniture made only in Italy, has recently launched and like many things it aims to provide a solution to a problem.

The problem? Trying to find high quality, affordable and stylish modern furniture that is as easily accessible in the UK as it is in Italy. Co-founders Alessandro, Giulia Farinelli and Martin von Wenckstern shared the same ideas and passion, having each experienced frustration during the refurbishment of their apartments. Alessandro had to ship in interiors from Italy for his Hampstead base to obtain a quality and reliable look and feel.

Massimo De Conti, Alessandro Celli, Donato Villani – Summer base in Hampstead

Massimo De Conti, Alessandro Celli, Donato Villani – Summer base in Hampstead

Most websites and high street retailers were offering items with a similar look, value and origin, and a lack of quality that was not clearly disclosed. The ‘Made in Italy’ stamp was devoid of sincerity, beauty, variety and accessibility that only local Italian connoisseurs would be able to find.

“There are thousands of high quality and highly specialized furniture craftsmen in Italy that for generations have been passionately creating some of the most beautiful design pieces,” says Alessandro. 

“We’re committed to discovering and selecting the highest quality products and original designs from these companies, with incredible attention to the style, value and functionality of our collections for our customers.” 

Moena Side Tables on

Moena Side Tables on

“With Vivendo, we wanted to open a new window onto undiscovered Italian designer furniture that provides a glimpse into the world of artisan manufacturers, often hidden even to locals,” adds Giulia. 

Vivendo connects discerning global lifestyle seekers with a curated community of designers and manufacturers, brought together by an experienced team with experience in the industry.

Focus and continuous research by interior designers, led by Art Director Massimo De Conti, result in original and unique products. 

Alessandro adds: “Our collection encompasses only carefully selected items with original design, because the idea is that a home should tell a unique and personal story throughout the years.

Bosaro Sideboard on

Bosaro Sideboard on

“At Vivendo, we're also committed to bringing a level of support that goes beyond the existing average service.

“Vivendo is our way of defining a great modern retail experience - and the starting point in building the story of your home.”