Pregnancy is not Just About the Baby – Mums to be Matter

Pregnancy can be one of the most special, magical, important and challenging times of your life. One where your body is carrying out the one task that’s it’s been built to do, grow a whole human being.   

Woah, when you spell it out like that pregnancy becomes much bigger than ‘we’re having a baby’. Your body is working every second of every day to build you your own little human (alongside running you) and yet often when pregnant you and your amazing body and all its incredibleness often get forgotten about. All the focus tends to be on the little wonder nesting snuggly in your womb. 

It becomes all; 
“When’s it due?” - ermmmm when it gets here?!
“Do you know what you’re having?” – Yes, a baby!
“Blimey you’re huge it’s gonna be big un” – thank you for making me feel like some kind of circus freak, and unless you can see directly into my womb you really can’t know what size it’ll be?!  

And there you are, a point of public interest, a place where people place bets of what you’ll produce, a place where you become simply a vessel to this unknown being that is drawing quite a crowd! 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were asked about you? If you were considered for all the hard work you were doing? If you were made to feel celebrated for being so bloomin’ awesome and carrying this baby (everywhere) for 9/10months? 

I’m a doula and have worked with pregnant women for many years. I see how even they become so focused on the baby they forget about themselves and all the work that their bodies are silently carrying out. 

I came into this job, not for the babies (as most people assume), I don’t go gah gah over new-borns and broody is many years behind me now. I have 4 kids aged from 20 down to 4 so it’s fair to say I’ve done my bit, I digress; I came into this job as I have a love of women, supporting women, celebrating women and standing beside women. For me, us women are worthy of celebration and so, with women, I celebrate and I want you to too. 

If you’re pregnant, find time in your crazy busy day and exhausted body to just stop. To wonder at the awesomeness of your body, you are awesome! Treat yourself in any way you can, a bath, a book, a massage, me time is underrated and none more so in pregnancy. 
And if you’re not with child, but you know someone who is, ask her how she is, what she needs, the baby will be here before you all know it, they will be showered with love and celebration, but in pregnancy, use that time to shower the mum to be.

She’s doing a really tough job which can at times feel impossible, relentless, lonely and scary, let’s make pregnant women know that we are there for THEM, not just their baby. 
Lauren xx

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