Best tea in Hampstead - Tania's Cafe

Ghassan Tania's Cafe Hampstead Mums

Most of you will have seen Ghassan by his stall at the Hampstead Emporium, his cheerful face is a welcome addition to our High Street. Many of us just hurry by though, and may not realise the full scope of what he has to offer at Tania's cafe.

I stopped at Tania's after a training session at Fred's Gym (another "hidden" gem/gym that has been right under my nose) and had a gorgeous cup of loose leaf tea the other week. I would really implore you to go by for a sniff of the tea and purchase some - they even sell bags of loose leaf tea so you can take some home with you.

loose leaf tea Tania's cafe hampstead mums

In 2014, Tania’s expanded into the Small Cafe inside the Antiques Market. He does much more than just tea and coffee, and has listed out below what he does. Doesn't he do a lot with such a small space?

We stock some excellent Loose Leaf and Pyramid Teas from highly reputable Tea Suppliers like Novus Tea and Alveus Tea in Germany.
Our Coffee is our own distinctive Arabica blend which we also sell as Beans .
Tania’s also makes Lebanese Falafel,Hummus.Fatoush etc..
We can supply sandwiches for events from £3.50 to £5.00 for a wholesome lunch pack.
Moreover Tania’s does some of the best Fresh Orange,Fruits and Vegetable Juice using our very own best Hurom Slow Juicers.
From April Tania’s is going to reintroduce our extremely popular Sweet Boat Waffles and Savory Crepes.
To add to all the above Tania’s sells Fat Free Frozen Yogurt at only £2.50!! Scoop Italian Gelato will also sell for £1.50 per scoop.
If you need any more information please do not hesitate to call or contact me.
Thank you and best regards 
Ghassan Akar 
eco cups Tania's cafe hampstead mums

I have talked to Ghassan about our desire to use reusable cups, as the amount of single use plastic we get rid of is disgusting (thanks to the Blue Planet 2 effect). He has talked to a stockist about getting reusable cups, so do let us know in the comments if you are interested. I think simply letting people know they are allowed to and welcome to bring their own cups would be useful as not all shops are on board yet re: reducing plastic usage.

Ghassan has very kindly offered a 20p discount to customers ordering a hot drink with a reusable cup. Let's get this movement going :)