Interview: Mairead from Spinnoff

For those of us in the Hampstead Mums group, Mairead needs no introduction. She is currently our second most active member in the Hampstead Mums group (can you guess who was the most active - let us know in the comments), and is often lauded for her wisdom in the group. For me, I *know* Mairead through her Instagram and Twitter musings. Mairead is truly in touch with the community both online and offline. As well as being an active local mum, she runs Spinnoff London, a spinning studio on Rosemont Road.

Q: When did you first move to Hampstead? What's your favourite thing about Hampstead?

I moved to Hampstead about 20 years ago. My favourite thing is the people. It is such a real village and walking through the streets and The Heath is a pure pleasure chatting to locals .
Hampstead for me really is a little village in a big City, so the best of both worlds and the magnificent Heath. Some truly great people live here , and if you stop and get to know them you are a happier person for that . Where else in London do you know Wild pond swimmers  writers. Shipwreck recoverers, market traders, Mums , Explorers, famous pop stars and your road sweeper, and that is just a five minute walk on the High Street!


Can you let us know a bit more about your family?  

My kids have grown up here and gone to school locally . My Son who is now 27 went to Highgate School , and my Daughter who is at Edinburgh University and a recognised lifestyle and fitness blogger went to Francis Holland by bus every day and loved their experience in great empowering schools .

Now that my kids are grown up they still love having breakfast and dinner at the coffee cup and meeting all their friends and school mates there. Seeing everyone gather there from High School age right to coming back from University is really lovely. Working out with my kids is such a joy and when I look up at a fierce determined face in my Spinn class and it¹s one of mine I am so proud of the great single minded kind happy focused people they have become .


What's the story behind you setting up a spinning studio in NW3?

I always loved to exercise but mostly Yoga and Pilates took over by my thirties. While I really loved those workouts I was not getting the results I wanted especially with fat burn and tried a Spinn class. I was hooked by class 3 .

I had been a makeup artist for 10 years and ran an Events company for a few years but kept noticing that I was deferring my meetings every day until after my Spinn class.

Then I decided to buy a few bikes and set them up for friends in my basement. I took two specialised Personal trainer courses and did several Spinning type qualifications. So many spinn classes were not instructing their clients in technique and I hated that so I studied lots based on cycle technique but within a current spinning studio context, and I have always loved music so it was a combo for me of things I really loved .

Our pop up  grew into a local happening , so when I moved house I decided to take a leap of faith, to bet on myself, and opened my own studio at Spinnoff in Rosemont Road. I was so nervous but decided I could do it !

I spent lots of time in LA and New York checking the facilities there and I often go to the US to stay updated. I also cycle in mountains now to check that the work we do at Spinnoff is relevant to the needs of a cyclist. Girona in Northern Spain and the Pyrenees have proved to me several times they certainly are!

Every challenge in my life has been made easier to handle by Spinn class. Spinn class got me great results physically over the years but the real surprise is how much  it has  helped me mentally .There is something about building physical strength and listening to focused music while you do that that clears your head and heart and allows you to get back to yourself.

Having a community as special as our Spinnoff people is amazing, empowering, and worth every moment of the fear that comes with opening a small business that you are entirely responsible for.

We can offer a much more bespoke service than bigger gyms and take the time to get to know and care for our clients here and that is what fitness and body conditioning should be all about ­ the whole body mind experience. Eileen who works with me is one of my life heros and my great friend. I literally love my job ­ Spinnoff to us is so much more than a Spinning Studio..


Quick fire round:

Best coffee? The phone box on the High Street! (Kape Barako)
Best breakfast? Hands down the Coffee Cup. The chef there is really great , and
will bespoke for me whatever I want- Spinnoff invented the fresh juice menu
Best massage place? APPI South end green ­ properly trained physios who are
Best nail place? is in Temple Fortune sadly. Nail Haven is really great
and lovely staff!
Best estate agent? Tk International ­- nice people who really know the
business locally ­ they have been here forever !
Best place for salad? Roni's Israeli salad if you add a boiled egg and
avocado is delicious
Best dry cleaner? The amazing ladies at Perkins- a really top class bunch ­
I would cross London to go to them!
Best Veg place? The boys Paul and Ian by the Post office ­solid , decent
people and great produce.

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