Review - Petit Fernand (Personalised Labels)

Petit Fernand contacted me asking if I would like to try their sticker products. As Summer term was about to begin again, I thought - "why not?" My previous batch of stickers had been lost and I needed to sticker my daughter's new school things. I should add here that I give the good and bad in reviews, and I am not obliged to write positive things about them.

I have ordered from other sticker companies before, so I wasn't actually expecting much difference with Petit Fernand. I was, however pleased to observe that:

1) They had very limited plastic usage.

The stickers I bought from another company were in single sheets and stuffed into a plastic bag (which I view as unnecessary) and also we kept losing it. The School value pack I bought from Petit Fernand came in a book (just stapled), with staggered edges so I can clearly see what each sticker is for.

petit Fernand Hampstead mums review personalised stickers

2. Easy to apply

It's a huge time saver to be able to just stick a label on. You won't find me sewing on labels to socks..! The stickers last well and stick firmly straight away.

3. Free Delivery

Free delivery is always a bonus; it also arrived really quickly even though the office is based in France. I normally like to support local, but as there is no Hampstead sticker company I thought it was fine. I also love our EU neighbours..

4. Easy to order

This is probably the most important point. The school value pack was extremely easy to order, and came up with a variety of different designs straight away. I just inputted the name, and telephone number (I used that for the second line, so my daughter will always have my phone number on her). A few different colours and designs were already there and I barely made any changes. I found in general the website design is good; I had played around with other sticker websites before and found it more clunky (ie they'd have pages of images, and the page loads each time. you click the next page).

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