Nipper&Co (Herbal Tea for Mums)

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Hi, I’m Marina, the founder of Nipper&Co, a small mum run business with big dreams. I make organic herbal infusions and teas for mums and their growing families. My personal experience of motherhood was an inspiration for this tea journey as my two very important little people, Max and Adam, helped me to face most of those sweet troubles of parenthood .

My vision was to support mamas like myself with gentle help of mother nature. This meant making products that are pure, natural and organic. With my range I tried to make something for each member of the family,  from pregnancy when Organic Happy Bumps  is a life saver for morning sickness, Mum's Milk that helps mums like myself to face the dreaded fear of not having enough milk, and just to calm down and have a healthy cuppa to colic ), finding easy sleep and relaxation, to immunity and energy in my green and black blend when you need that pick me up cuppa when the going gets tough, I tried to cover it all. 

For me, it was very important to make products that would make my kids proud. This meant organic and ethically sourced will be at the core of Nipper&Co ethos and values.

I truly believe that organic is the best choice for us and our environment and as for ethically sourced, well it’s just absolutely fantastic when you can support the community that grows your ingredients. I also believe any ethically sourced tea will taste better ☺.

When you choose natural and organic products, you choose products that promote a better world and work for the benefit of our wonderful planet. Did you know that an organic farm has up to 50% more wildlife! These farms are pure bliss for wildlife and provide safe homes for bees, birds and butterflies. How nice is that? Organic farming also means lower levels of pesticides and more environmentally sustainable management of the land and natural environment – again this means more wildlife! British Journal of Nutrition found significant differences between organic and non-organic farmed food. That’s plenty for me to say organic is really better. That’s why I choose natural and organic ingredients for my family and with my blends for your family too. 

As my boys grow, surely the inspiration for new blends will come and the range will hopefully grow with them. As Adam turns four months I already ask myself the question, why on earth have I not made a slimming tea, or even better, a "sleep through the night" tea for your child, the inspiration seems to be endless :) In the meanwhile, I hope the first seven blends bring lots of joy to families around. They are all crafted with great love, care and each recipe comes with true knowledge of herbs and botanicals that are  carefully selected and known for its traditional use to support our health and wellbeing. All of the blends are hand blended here in the UK to preserve the finest quality of whole leaf and then carefully packed in convenient yet beautiful pyramids.

I know motherhood is an epic journey to take, so  I would like to think I am here to help fuel the way. From feeling those very first kicks to brewing for the whole brood, I hope my organic tea is with you every step of the way.'

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