Hampstead Business Mum - Nadia, NADIANOVA PHOTOGRAPHY

How long have you lived in the Hampstead area?

3 years

Where did you grow up? Was it similar to Hampstead?

St.Petersburg - it's completely different

Did you choose to live here or did it just happen that way.

When we decided to move to London from Australia, I knew nothing about this city. We were very lucky. Our Australian nanny recommended Hampstead as perfect place to live with children. And we found our house very quickly; in our first year we literally lived on the high street (30 sec walk). I'm in love with Hampstead

Describe your family. (Age/gender of members)

Me, my husband and our 2 kiddos. Boy - 4 years and girl - will be 2 soon

What’s your favourite thing to do over the weekend.

Usually I'm working as it is the busiest time of the week for photographers. Now I'm trying to not book any sessions for Sunday, because I want to spend one full day with my family. We like to go to Kenwood House

Favourite restaurant in the area?

Manis cafe - best croissants and latte. If restaurant - I like The Wells Pub

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

London. Hampstead or Sydney. I'm between these two cities

Do you have much family around?

No - all my relatives live in Russia

How would you describe yourself prior to being a mum?

Traveller non stop

How would you describe yourself now?

Actually, again traveller non stop; but it is because of my husband. I would prefer now to stay and not move so much)

What’s the most “unmumsy” thing you have done recently?

Hmmm... bought outfit for my upcoming birthday. Mini dress and leather jacket

What’s your day to day outfit?

Jeans or elegant and comfy dress.

Do you bring your children up the way your parents brought you up?

No, I hope not

Did you always know you wanted your own business?

No. Never thought about it. I was working as a model for around 8 years since I was 17.

When did you start it?

I've been into photography for a long time. I set up my company in Australia around two years ago, and here in London 1 year ago.

What drives you to run your own business?

This is what I love to do! I like to make memories for people.

Is your other half supportive? In the family home? With the business?

Unfortunately he is not supportive. I think sometimes this also drives me. I want to show him that I can be successful with my business.

If you didn’t start your own business, what would you have been doing?

I would spend more time with the kids. I would go to Uni to get my second diploma. I would help my husband with his business (I still sometimes doing it when I have time)