Hampstead Business Mums - Rajni, MUMSINTHEWOOD

How long have you lived in the Hampstead area?

One year.

Where did you grow up? Was it similar to Hampstead?

In Sri Lanka. Everything is very different. The culture, the environment, the facilities, the attitudes of people, everything.

Did you choose to live here or did it just happen that way?

We moved from St John’s Wood to be closer to my son’s school. We wanted him to be able to walk to school.

Describe your family.

 I have one son who is 5 years old.

What’s your favourite thing to do over the weekend.

Ideally, catch up on my sleep, but it never happens.

Are there any classes/businesses in the area you really love and would like others to know about?

I loved the Creative Movements classes when my son was doing them. Now, the one he enjoys the most is Kids with Brains, science club.

Do you have much family around?

Yes. My mum and two aunts live here with us.

How would you describe yourself prior to being a mum?

Driven, ambitious, career oriented. I used to be a private equity lawyer. Now, that time, feels like another life. But I love being a mum and have never been happier.

How would you describe yourself now?

This is hard…sometimes I feel like I am defined by who my son is and that my whole life is about him but in general, I guess, I would describe myself as just an ordinary mum!

What’s the most “unmumsy” thing you have done recently?

Ahem….oh dear (thinks deeply coming up with nothing!!)

Do you bring your children up the way your parents brought you up?

I try…with a few adjustments..

What languages do you speak in your household?

English and Sinhalese.


Did you always know you wanted your own business?

No, it kind of just happened. It was actually not something I had ever thought would happen.

Please describe your business.

I run a website for parents central to St John’s Wood but also covering the surrounding areas with lots of information, support and advice for parents from leading experts and lots of information on a variety of topics including schools and navigating the school system here in the UK. I also now run an Educational Consultancy, born from the numerous requests I received from parents and organisations.

When did you start it?

It was started about 2.5 years ago i.e. I registered the name and did some bits and pieces but I didn’t launch it as I was too busy with other things. I only launched it two and a half months ago.

What drives you to run your own business?

I absolutely love it. I have discovered a new passion I didn’t realise I had and I enjoy doing it. I’ve always loved to research everything I do before doing it and writing has always been a huge passion so I just combined the two. I also used to be a journalist while studying for my law degree so I guess a little part of that remained in me.

Is your other half supportive? In the family home? With the business?

Tremendously so. In both. I would not be able to do it if not.

If you didn’t start your own business, what would you have been doing?

Re-trained as an Educational Psychologist. I might still do it, let’s see.