Englands Lane Hostel: No WiFi

Englands Lane Hostel has no WiFi. Can we help fund it?

Over the last few months, I have been in touch with The North Camden Zone, with an aim to make North Camden a great place to grow up. I had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions a lovely lady who lives in the hostel, and was informed that there was no wifi at the hostel.

I don't know about you, but when there's no wifi at home, I don't know what to do. Some may brush it off as a first world problem, but is it really? (Actually, in Finland they have made wifi a legal right for every citizen). So many of the services are accessible online now. There are ladies staying at home all day waiting for phone calls. It is harder for them to access online support groups,

I would very much like for us all to pull together as a community and help fund setting up wifi at the hostel, and also to pay for the running costs.

We should get a figure tomorrow. I am also open to spending the website advertising revenue in this direction.

If there is anyone who has more knowledge of wifi setup in a large building then please do get in touch

According to the Camden Council website, there are 155 families at the Englands Lane Hostel. The hostel used to be nurses accommodation (ie each room was designed for a single person), but they now house entire families. There is no common room for communal activities.