Do you ever feel like you can't recognise yourself?

Jessica Warne -
Beyond the Bump

Months, years and even decades into motherhood, women can be overwhelmed by the feeling that they cannot recognise themselves. Women feeling lost.
Maybe you are struggling to make the decision to return back to work or not?
Perhaps becoming a mother has led you to want to pursue an alternative career and you aren’t sure how to implement the change?
Maybe you are being provided an unending amount of “advice” by well meaning friends and family and struggling to find your own path as a parent?
Maybe you are exhausted and overwhelmed by the lack of control, sleep deprivation and responsibility you now face?
Or maybe you have lost your sense of self and looking to rediscover who you are “beyond the bump”?
We can work together to help identify the problems, challenge them and get your life back on track once more.
I am currently taking on new clients, we can meet in person, alternatively I can provide sessions via Skype and on the phone.
Get in touch today to receive your free session, we can explore your current situation and see how working together will enable you to move forward.
Lets work together to create a life you love

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