Couples Therapists - Recommendations

Recommended by Hampstead Mums

Robert Hudson. “Very sensible - very good people here”.

Annegret O'Dwyer. “she is amazing.”

Susan Quilliam. “I would very highly recommend Susan Quilliam, who is a fantastic and empathetic relationship counsellor. She isn't quite in the area though (ie: not in Hampstead). Her office is near Kings Cross, and only on Wednesdays (she's based in Cambridge, the rest of the week). I couldn't recommend her more highly. Her background, knowledge, expertise, and kindness are absolutely amazing.”

Alex Rebuck. “I recommend Alex, she’s really good ❤️ and not far from NW3”

Tavistock Relationship. “The Tavistock centre has a very good couples counselling service and helped us through a tough time.”

Spectrum Therapy. I recommend spectrum therapy. You can call them and they’ll connect you to the relevant therapist from their network

Shelley Whitehead.. I highly recommend Shelley Whitehead. I have referred people to her in the past and they all adore her. One of the most compassionate, practical and loving women you will come across.

Mandi Simons is a very experienced therapist (also supervises others) and works locally. Very nice lady.

couples therapists. photo by Diana Von R

Therapists recommending themselves in the group:

Caron Burrow. “I have specialised in couples issues for the past 23 years”

Specialises in Addiction

Daniell Sandler.I am a couples therapist and I also specialise in addiction. I would say that addiction is a contraindication to couples therapy and best to work on addiction issues first then couples therapy once addiction is stabilised”.