Candy Santa Sleigh

candy sleigh santa diy hampstead mums

Ever since planning our wedding, I've been a fairly fervent Pinterest user. I pinned all sorts for our wedding, then when I was pregnant I pinned all sorts for the baby. There's so much creative DIY stuff on there, but I found when my daughter was born I had so little time to do any of it.

Now my daughter goes to nursery part time I have some more opportunity to do stuff. So I thought, hey, why not. I was thinking about what to give the ladies at the Christmas Old People's Lunch at St Lukes Kentish Town, and this came up. I knew I wanted to give 30 gifts, and the cost quickly racked up when I looked at buying them a box each of Ferrero Rocheo. It seemed better to give my time to make it, and a slightly smaller monetary contribution (which actually ended up at just over £2 for one, and half the cost for each was for the box of Guylian/Celebration/Lindt mini boxes on top of the sleigh.

candy sleigh santa diy hampstead mums chocolate haul

One thing to take note is to buy some extra candy canes. I bought an extra 2 boxes just in case, and I needed to open the last box. There were quite a lot of broken candy canes, and that's the one thing that really can't be damaged as it makes up the form up the sleigh.


As I was constructing them under some serious time constraints, I wanted to find the most effective way of doing things. So I completed one, and then I finished one process at a time for the remaining 29.  (I had to do it the day before the event, whilst my daughter was at nursery, as I was out that evening with old work colleagues).

So. Turn the Kit Kat over by the edge of the table and put the candy canes over it. The hook of the candy cane will weigh it down so you can easily get it perpendicular to the table. Next, you need to cut out strips of cellotape that are 1.5-2cm wider than the kit kat (doesnt have to be too accurate). Secure the candy cane on, making sure the cellotape is tight against the candy cane so it is secure. I found this to be the fiddliest bit.

candy sleigh santa diy hampstead mums knife santa

Next, I needed to take apart the Lindt Santas. I tried to just break it off by hand, but it wasn't perforated enough so I needed to take a knife to Santa (Sorry!)

Cellotape Santa onto the respective chocolate boxes,

These Santas are the perfect width for kit kat 4 finger bar, and you can slot the Santas just in between the 2 candy canes.

Next, I wrapped the boxes of chocolate together with the bottom of the sleigh. I tried to find a contrasting colour to the chocolate box so it would pop a bit more.

candy sleigh santa diy hampstead mums

There you have it. I completed it in about an hour, so about 2 minute per box

Here they are, ready at the Christmas lunch :)

st lukes kentish town hampstead mums christmas 2015