Book Club. Coffee & Vodka - Helena Halme.

The first Book Club organised by the Hampstead Mums group. 

29th October 2015 7.30pm

The book that's been chosen is Coffee & Vodka by Helena Halme.

We will be meeting at my home (contact me for details). Of course, there'll be tea, cake and wine. Someone suggested Espresso Martinis at the event, but I'm a terrible cocktail maker... although if someone wants to volunteer....

This will not be an English Literature Class style discussion.... mainly because I am unable to talk about books in such a manner. We will just say what we enjoyed, any parts that really jumped out, anything new we learned etc. Then I'm sure the cake and wine will take over.

If more than 10 people RSVP to the event, I'll find a local pub or small restaurant that will take us... :)

Facebook event link:

The book is stocked at Daunt Books (Belsize Park & Hampstead), and West End Lane Bookshop. It's available on kindle too, but it's just not quite the same as a book book...

Yes, that's Daddy Pig on the top

Yes, that's Daddy Pig on the top


A fascinating Nordic family drama from the author of The Englishman.

'In Stockholm everything is bigger and better'

When Pappa announces the family is to leave their small Finnish town for a new life in Sweden, 11-year-old Eeva is elated. But in Stockholm Mamma finds feminism, Eeva's sister, Anja, pretends to be Swedish and Pappa struggles to adapt.

And one night, Eeva's world falls apart.

Fast forward 30 years. Now teaching Swedish to foreigners, Eeva travels back to Finland when her beloved grandmother becomes ill. On the overnight ferry, a chance meeting with her married ex-lover, Yri, prompts family secrets to unravel and buried memories to come flooding back.

It's time for Eeva to find out what really happened all those years ago...

Diana Von RettigComment