The Best Places to Work In Hampstead NW3

The Best Places to Work In Hampstead

Are you a remote worker? Maybe you’re a working-from-home-professional, a creative freelancer, or a start up starter-upper. Or perhaps you are simply a local Hampstead parent with a ton of life admin to crack through.  Then you’ll probably be on the look out for a quiet spot in NW3 where you can get your work done without constant interruptions from your beloved family.

So, I’ve pulled together this list of my tried-and-trusted remote working spots in and around Hampstead.  

The criteria was fairly simple: a nice place to work, where you will probably get a table to work at and won’t be tutted at for pulling open your laptop, with decent wifi and good coffee.   

But before we get to the venues, let’s discuss one very important consideration for remote working in and around Hampstead: timing.

Insider’s Tip for Remote Working in Hampstead

For Hampstead’s remote workers, it is important to try to avoid working in the cafés first thing in the morning when the post-gym and after-school-drop-off crowds tend to migrate towards healthy breakfasts and good coffee.  While you may be lucky enough to find a place to squat during the morning rush, once the rush is over (from around 9.30am) you’ll have your pick of tables and the café staff will welcome you and your laptop - and your ‘coffee only’ order - more happily.   

If you do need to start working earlier, a bigger venue – like Cõte or Chez Bob, which both open at 8am – will be your best bet.

Chez Bob

205-207 Haverstock Hill, London NW3 4QG

Chez Bob is a bit of a hidden gem, usually being quieter than other nearby cafés and with good coffee, yummy breakfasts (including pancakes if the kids are joining you), and welcoming staff.  It is a great place to meet a client or colleague or two, as the banquette seating gives plenty of table space for sharing documents.
Kath’s Tip: While the banquette seats are comfortable and great for meetings of up to 4 people, the other side of the restaurant, with normal tables, tends to be a bit quieter for solo working.

Chez Bob Belsize Park Hampstead Mums

Cõte Brasserie

83-84 Hampstead High St, Hampstead, London NW3 1RE

Cõte in Hampstead is one of the area’s biggest café spaces, spread over two floors, which means that you are likely to get a table even during peak morning times.  Mind you, if you are a local resident or have children at any of the nearby schools, you may not get any work done as you say your many ‘good mornings’ to all the other people you know who are meeting friends here.  

Kath’s Tip: The best spot to work is upstairs, where the full height windows give more natural daylight and it is usually less noisy than downstairs.   Ask staff first though before wandering upstairs as they don’t always offer table service upstairs and may ask you to order (or to sit) downstairs at quieter times.

Ginger & White

2 England's Ln, London NW3 4TG

Perhaps controversially for an article about Hampstead’s working spots, I’m recommending the Ginger & White in England’s Lane over the original Hampstead location in Perrin’s Court.   

The Hampstead location is very compact and busy, which means that it is not great for hanging out with your laptop, although it’s fine to grab a coffee and work for half an hour at most times of the day.  The Belsize Park café is usually a bit less hectic, which makes for a calmer and more comfortable place to finish that important client update or urgent work email.

Kath’s Tip: While the upstairs Mezzanine level is quieter than the main ground floor, bring your noise cancelling headphones if you prefer a very quiet workspace.


Finchley Road, London

This brand new Pret location, handily located in the side road between Finchley Road tube station and Waitrose, should prove to be another great option for local remote workers.  It is a large venue, with plenty of tables, and lovely big windows making it bright on even the greyest of days. And the not-so-exciting view of the waiting taxis opposite is unlikely to distract you from meeting your work deadline.

Kath’s Tip: Multi-task and drop off your shoes for repair to the little shop inside the tube station (cash only).  It was recommended to me by several Hampstead Mums as the best in the area and, having recently tried it, I agree!

Hampstead Theatre Diana Von R Hampstead Mums Swiss Cottage

Swiss Cottage Library / Hampstead Theatre

Swiss Cottage, London

When you need to work late, Swiss Cottage Library is a great option as it stays open until 8pm most evenings (Monday to Thursday).  It is also one of our few local non-café remote working venues, which means that you can happily work through meal times here without anyone tutting over you hogging a table.  It can get busy with kids after school hours though so do keep that in mind.

The nearby Hampstead Theatre Bar is better for meetings – and very quiet in the mornings, so a good option before the library opens at 10am - but it’s best to avoid the crush in the bar area after each performance ends.

Kath’s Tip: If you need a break from working, and a bit of fresh air and food, wander over to the outdoor farmer’s market near the Hampstead Theatre for a meal or a treat.  The pastéis de nata (Portuguese custard tarts) are incredible!

Waterstones Café

68-69 Hampstead High St, London NW3 1QP

Whilst it is not the prettiest of Hampstead’s coffee spots, the Waterstones Café can be a quiet oasis when the rest of the High Street is heaving.  The slightly dark café, tucked away on the first floor, would not be my choice for long meetings or all day working but it is a reliable choice for an hour or two of focused work immediately before school pick up time.

Kath’s Tip: Order your last minute birthday presents (books, games, wrapping paper and cards) from Waterstones online – including a bigger range than is available in the shop - and collect in store for free.  

Waterstones Cafe Hampstead Mums

I hope this list gives you a few new ideas and options for remote working in the local area.  

Other remote working venues highly recommended by Hampstead Mums include:

Camden Arts Centre Arkwright Rd, London NW3 6DG (Open till 9pm on Wednesday, closed on Mondays)

Keats Library, 10A Keats Grove, Hampstead, London NW3 2RR

SilverBerry Deli & Kitchen, 14 Pond St, Hampstead, London NW3 2PS

Streets Coffee, 289 Finchley Rd, London NW3 6LU

Do you have any other venues to recommend, or any great tips for the venues mentioned above?  Please comment below and help to make this page a really useful resource for everyone.

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Author: Kath Sloggett

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