Hampstead Business Mums - Silvia, BABY BRAINS

Silvia has a PhD in Neuroscience, lives in West Hampstead, is a mum of 3 and runs Baby Brains

How long have you lived in the Hampstead area?

Since 2009. I lived in Primrose Hill with my boyfriend (now husband) - St. John's Wood with our first two children - West Hampstead with our three children. (We lived in Paris in 2014 though.)

Where did you grow up? Was it similar to Hampstead?

I grew up in Trento, a small city in the Italian Dolomites, near Lake Garda. Nature was always central to my life. I could not live in your average urban neighbourhood. I know that for a fact: one year in Paris and I was getting bonkers (in spite of all the beauty and the glamour)!

Did you actively choose to live here or did it just happen that way.

As always in (my) life: a mix of the two. We discovered Primrose Hill first and from there we worked our way out to West Hampstead looking for larger flats, more green and an easy commute into Mayfair.

Describe your family. 

Hubby and I are early thirties - our three boys; Raphael (4), Francesco (2) and Leo (0.5) - no, we are not going to try for a girl.

What’s your favourite thing to do over the weekend.

Kenwood House & Golders Hill Park

Are there any classes/businesses in the area you really love and would like others to know about?

Hana Morris' Slingbonding & Azzurra Miotto's Wrap a Hug...I don't know why it's all about slings. I am not that hippy actually

Favourite restaurant in NW3?

The Wells Tavern.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I'd love a house by Golders Hill Park, thank you very much... And a holiday house in Sicily. Oh, and a winter apartment in Abu Dhabi, please?

Do you have much family around?

No. None. An au pair girl for help and plenty of good friends for company.

Have you lived elsewhere in London?


How would you describe yourself prior to being a mum

A neuroscientist.

How would you describe yourself now?

A sleep-deprived neuroscientist.

What’s the most “unmumsy” thing you have done recently?

Yesterday I forgot to hold my 4-year old's hand on the escalators in Bond Street Tube station. I went on it with the other two kids and the "big" one just did not follow. 🙈🙉🙊

What’s your day to day outfit?

Don't ask.

Do you bring your children up the way your parents brought you up?

No. You could say my company is just a big cumbersome explanation (justification?) as to why not.

What languages do you speak in your household?

Italian and French.

Did you always know you wanted your own business?

No. I grew up in a very "employed" kind of family. But fitting in was never my thing. So when the kids arrived, it soon became clear what my calling was.

Please describe your business?

Providing education on brain development for (future) parents, so that they can interact in a more conscious and effective way with their children.

When did you start it?

September 2012.

What drives you to run your own business?


Is your other half supportive? In the family home? With the business?

Yes. It was a joint decision that I quit my previous consultant job to be present for the children and start my own company.

If you didn’t start your own business, what would you have been doing?

Advising big companies on communication.