28 Church Row - new Restaurant in Hampstead

For our fourth anniversary, we had originally planned to go to Rules in Covent Garden - however, being 8 months pregnant, we decided it was perhaps best to stay local.

I had seen the photos of the soft shell crabs at 28 Church Row - the new restaurant in Hampstead (where Le Cellier du Midi used to be), so it'd been on my mind over the last week. Soft... Shell... Crab... gimme gimme. My husband and I love sharing dishes, so this was perfect - plus we love Spanish/Italian food! We had also heard that the Olde White Bear staff are working here, and we were big fans of the Bear.

28 Church Row has a no reservation policy (which made me anxious... this hangry lady is not a fan of waiting), but luckily they had a table for 2 when we arrived. We were greeted pleasantly, sat down and given the menus. It said 3-4 dishes per person of course we had to order 8 dishes. We probably could have eaten a bit more, but my husband and I don't have small appetites. We ordered:


We will definitely return. It's definitely something Hampstead was missing, we love this style of food and we can eat it all day (maybe.... , is quite salty... but in an indulgent way). We would come back purely for the soft shell crab and Jamon de Iberica (not sure if that's how to spell it, apologies in advance). As well as that, the staff were fantastic. I suddenly had a hot flush towards the end of the meal so it was rather rushed, but the manager really looked after me, giving me more ice and water and was generally very understanding. 

Website: http://28churchrow.com/
Telephone : 020 7993 2062
Email: hello@28churchrow.com
Twitter: @28churchrow.com


Note: We were not paid in any way to go to the restaurant and this is an honest review. As far as I know, they did not know of my relation to Hampstead Mums (or even existence of Hampstead Mums).