Hampstead Life - New Sister Organisation

Our Mission

So many people are attracted to Hampstead as it maintains its village feel in the middle of the very big and busy city of London.  However, there is more to village life than parks, restaurants, cafes and a lovely high street.  The true allure of a village is the community.  With so many of Hampstead’s residents recently moving into the area we realized it’s difficult to really know your neighbour. Hampstead Life’s mission is to create opportunities for the people living in Hampstead and the surrounding area to meet each other, have some fun, and ultimately to build a stronger community.

What We Do

Hampstead Life has its roots in the realm of social media.  The three founders were brought together along with 4000+ other parents living in the NW3 area through Hampstead Mums’ Facebook group.  The Hampstead Mums’ group offers advice, recommendations and information to parents local to NW3.  With the success of this virtual group, Diana, Robin and Jana decided to start bringing these virtual friendships out in the physical world through various events. Check out our Events page to get an idea of what we have done and what we plan to do!

Who We Are

Diana (left) started the Hampstead Mums group in 2013 after having her first child, and found there was no online presence for parents in the Hampstead area. In conjunction with the FB group, Diana also built and launched the Hampstead Mums website, an invaluable resource for parenting and children’s classes in the area, as well as matching Social Media accounts on Twitter & Instagram to keep the community up-to-date. Diana worked in a Finance department pre-baby, and is an Economics/Statistics UCL graduate. She is also a bona-fide Digital Mum, having undertaken training to become a Social Media Manager.

Robin (middle) joined Diana shortly afterwards and together with a team of admins they grew the group to 4000 active members. Robin’s former life as a software product manager for ebay, Tripadvisor, and various start-ups satisfied her passion for helping others connect. But after having her first child a few months after Diana, she equally felt the solitude of motherhood and was excited to bring a physical presence to Hampstead Mums by organizing the group’s first social gatherings, often with a glass of her favourite beverage in hand, prosecco. She’s now excited to continue in an official business capacity connecting moms in the area around events and topics that interest them.

Jana (right) is a native Miamian still acclimating to a life of umbrellas, leather jackets and closed- toe shoes.  She became involved with Hampstead Mums shortly after moving to the neighbourhood.  She met Diana when she agreed to help organize Hampstead Mums’ inaugural Spring Fayre.  Helping turned into running, and the fayre was a huge success that raised over £4,000 for the local charity, Cocoon Family Support.   It was through the success of this event that the idea of Hampstead Life came to fruition, and Jana began plotting more ways to meet her neighbours at fun events – even if she has to swap mini-umbrellas for a pint.





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