Make Hampstead Heath your canvas

Hampstead Heath Family Activity and Competition

We are so incredibly fortunate to have Hampstead Heath as our playground. For me, Hampstead Heath is definitely more preferable than the manicured parks of central London. The heath has a mysterious magic, a place to render fables and tales and it entices us to explore and discover hidden nooks and crannies.

In 1985-6 the famous land artist, Andy Goldsworthy did a residency on Hampstead Heath and used the things he found around him to create unique art.

Andy Goldsworthy  ,   Woven Silve  r Birth Circle, Hampstea  d Heath, 1985

Andy Goldsworthy, Woven Silver Birth Circle, Hampstead Heath, 1985

As an artist educator I have used Andy Goldsworthy as a starting point many times. There is something enchanting about discovering art in nature end enabling children to be inventive with limited resources. Sometimes the most creative ideas come out when choice is determined by what is there in front of us. His work also teaches children that art is not limited to pencil and paper but can be created with absolutely anything. Fostering an appreciation of beauty from what is already there, his work really does enable children look beyond the  obvious.


Activity - Creating a land art installation with your child

1) Take a walk and collect items discarded by nature

2) Encourage discussion about texture, shape and patterns

3) Find a spot on the heath and begin to create your artwork - either groupwork or individually.

4) Take photos - if you are up to it, allow the child(ren) to take the photos



Once you have taken your Andy Goldswothy inspired land art photos on Hampstead Heath e-mail them to

Prize: A block of 7 art lessons at a Starting With Art class

Deadline: Friday 11th September 2015

Winner will be notified by Friday 18th September 2015

This short snippet of the residency would be a lovely introduction for children to see:

Guest post by Natalie Zervou from Starting with Art

Starting With Art has worked with different age groups from adults to children in education settings including schools, galleries and the wider community. Founded by contemporary artist and educator Natalie Zervou, who gained First for her degree in Fine Art from Norwich School of Art and Design in 2007 before moving to London to work as a contemporary artist and educator. Natalie and her partner Jack have had many successful exhibitions and show their work in a number of galleries across the UK and beyond. In 2014 Natalie completed a Masters in Art and Design in Education at The Institute of Education where she obtained a distinction for her research ‘The Restless Object’.