7 Essential Newborn Sleep Tips


1. Help Them Differentiate Between Day And Night

Babies are born naturally nocturnal; when in the womb your day time movements would soothe them to sleep and at night when you rested they would become active. To help them get on to our time zone gently introduce day and night to your new born by having it bright, curtains open and noisy during the day and keeping the lights down low, blinds down and muted volume at night.

2. Never Too Early to Start Sleep Rituals And Routine

It is never too early to start a good nap and bedtime routine for your little ones. Doing the same thing every night will help calm your baby and reassure them as well as letting them know what is coming. A good, solid bedtime routine will see you and your new born through the next 8 years!

3. Go With Your Baby’s Sleep

In the beginning babies are still in the 4th Trimester meaning they are adjusting to the outside world (which is very different from life in the womb!) Babies are pre-programmed to want to be near you all the time so don’t feel that you are making a rod for your own back or spoiling a baby by letting them sleep on you in the early days. It is a great way to comfort them and bond with them so enjoy those early New born snuggles, you cannot spoil, love or cuddle a new baby too much or get those precious new born snuggles back!

4. Consider Co sleeping safely

Co sleeping of course isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it is definitely worth doing your own research and coming to your own conclusions about whether it could work for you and your family. If you do decide to co sleep it is very important that you understand the safety guidelines and co sleep safely. Some benefits of co sleeping are that babies can cry less, be comforted easier and be awake for less time during the night, meaning that you may get more of that precious snooze time.

5. Have Realistic Sleep Expectations

There is no such thing as a text book baby, they are all beautifully unique! Some will take short cat naps, some will nap for great chunks of time, and some will sleep good chunks during the night whilst others are up every couple of hours. All variations are completely and utterly normal so try not to fret or compare your baby.

6. Find Your Baby’s Natural Sleep Rhythm

All babies are born with a natural sleep pattern and rhythm. To find your baby’s note down daily their feed, nap and sleep times as well as their mood and you should notice a pattern emerging. This will help you and your baby establish a natural routine that works for them minus all the frustration and thinking something is wrong with your baby or parenting when in reality they just do not fit the mould for a text book schedule or routine.

7. The Holy Grail … Sleeping Through The Night

It is very rare indeed to have a new born that sleeps through the night( they need to feed at regular times to survive and be healthy!) and your baby isn’t bad for not sleeping through or having you up during the night for feeding or for a cuddle with you despite what other well-meaning people will tell you! Once the sleeping through the night pressure Is accepted and off the cards you may be surprised how liberating it can feel to not feel the constant frustration and stress of a baby that wont and can’t sleep through!

This is a guest piece by Kerry Secker, from Kerry Cares Parenting. Kerry is a Gentle Parent Consultant with a hands on and extensive career in childcare spanning over 16 years. She provides a friendly yet professional service that offers advice and hands-on support to parents with the many  issues and challenges parents face today.  Kerry is keen to share her  wealth of knowledge and experience - there isn't much she hasn't seen over the years!